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Praise/thank God because:
    He is compassionate. v2
    He is gracious. v2
    He is slow to anger. v2
    He doesn't answer my prayers when His plan is better. v3, v8
          (God didn't answer Jonah's prayer to kill him because He had a better plan for him.)

  He's saved me from eternal pain and discomfort. v6
He helps me grow in understanding. v10,11
   of His will, of His love, of heaven, of hell, of giving, of forgiveness, of His Word, of worship, of prayer,
 What is the example to follow?

      Examine the source of my anger.
      Have compassion on others.
      How many times have I committed the same sin that I am angry about?
     We need to follow God's example of working to help others grow. v10
 What is the sin to avoid?
     Let your prayers be motivated by love for God and love for people rather than being motivated by anger and a desire to be comfortable. v3
      Avoid the sin of getting angry at God when He is trying to help you grow.
How does this chapter point to Christ?
    Both Jonah and Jesus said that death was better than life. v8
       For Jesus, dying on the cross to save people was better than living and allowing others to go to hell.

   God having compassion on the evil people of Nineveh reminds us of how Jesus had compassion on the evil people who were crucifying Him.
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